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About Us

Park Tak International Corporation established in 1995, and we specialize in import and export of food products. Park Tak is one of the largest value added Canadian food exporters to Asia.


Brief History

Park Tak International Corporation started as a trading company. Over the years as a sold agent, Park Tak facilitated over 100 food companies in export and import of products. In recent years, Park Tak has evolved to be a processor, a co-packer, and a logistics sourcing agent. We  developed our own recipes for products under our house brands - Natural Park, Canadian Garden, Paky Taky, Canpop, and Goody2Eat. We offer clients a wide range of quality products, such as popcorn, flaxseeds, coffee, hot chocolate, cookies, instant oatmeal, maple syrup, honey, dried fruits, and confectioneries. All products that we carry are produced in Canada.

As a logistics center, we provide consolidation and inspection services. We inspect on the quality, packaging, expiration date, and labelling issues of the products. Our services are not limited to the above items. OEM service is available to customers as well. Our company is fully equipped to match all the labelling and language regulations for each country.

Park Tak's reliable and extensive distribution network is fully established and our products are well accepted by large chained supermarkets in Asia. Our most popular products in Asia market are flaxseeds, candy, popcorn and maple cream cookies. Each year we develop new products, new flavours and new packagings to stay atop consumer trends. 


Our Promise

Park Tak is committed to provide excellent service and a willingness to offer clients a wide range of quality products to their specifications. We believe in mutual trust and mutual cooperation for the benefit of all parties. 


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